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Scholarship News: August 2017

August 01, 2017


Scholarship News

August, 2017


Scholarship News announces the most recent additions to The Penn Law Legal Scholarship Repository. The Penn Law Legal Scholarship Repository, a service of the Biddle Law Library, collects and preserves the scholarly output of Penn Law. All works are available for immediate download via PDF.  

Most Recent Additions

Galbraith, Jean, “Making Treaty Implementation More Like Statutory Implementation” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1761.

Hovenkamp, Herbert J., “Appraising Merger Efficiencies” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1762.

Hovenkamp, Herbert J., “Progressive Antitrust” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1764.

Hovenkamp, Herbert J., “The Progressives: Racism and Public Law” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1765.

Hovenkamp, Herbert J., “Antitrust Policy and Inequality of Wealth” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1769.

Galbraith, Jean, “Cooperative and Uncooperative Foreign Affairs Federalism” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1770.

Mooney, Charles W. Jr., “Choice-of-law Rules for Secured Transactions: An Interest-Based and Modern Principles-Based Framework for Assessment” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1776.

Hovenkamp, Herbert J., “The Rule of Reason” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1778.

Hovenkamp, Herbert J., “Reasonable Patent Exhaustion” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1790.

Hovenkamp, Erik N. and Hovenkamp, Herbert J., “Buying Monopoly: Antitrust Limits on Damages for Externally Acquired Patents” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1791.

Hovenkamp, Herbert J., “Appraising the Progressive State” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1795.


Submit information about your recent writings to: for distribution here, and for deposit in the Penn Law Scholarship Repository.