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Scholarship News: July 2017

July 06, 2017

Scholarship News

July, 2017

Scholarship News announces the most recent additions to The Penn Law Legal Scholarship Repository.  The Penn Law Legal Scholarship Repository, a service of the Biddle Law Library, collects and preserves the scholarly output of Penn Law.  All works are available for immediate download via PDF.  


Most Recent Additions

Berman, Mitchell N., “For Legal Principles” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1759.

de Silva de Alwis, Rangita; Mnasri, Anware; and Ward, Estee, “Women and the Making of the Tunisian Constitution” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1756.

Baude, William and Doerfler, Ryan D., “Arguing with Friends” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1758.

Fisch, Jill E., “Standing Voting Instructions: Empowering the Excluded Retail Investor” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1757.

Engstrom, David Freeman and Gelbach, Jonah B., “American Pipe Tolling, Statutes of Repose, and Protective Filings: An Empirical Study” (2017). Faculty Scholarship. 1760.


Submit information about your recent writings to: for distribution here, and for deposit in the Penn Law Scholarship Repository.