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Three Penn Law students awarded law and technology scholarships

June 19, 2017

The Law School and the Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition have awarded this year’s annual CTIC Interdisciplinary Scholarships to three students: Christina Chen L’20, Delaney Butler L’20, and Kelsey Matevish L’19.

These competitive scholarships provide funding to joint-degree students in law and technology to help offset the cost of the additional year of study at Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science needed to fulfill the joint-degree requirements.

Penn Law offers two joint-degree programs in law and technology: the JD/MCIT, which requires no prior engineering or computer science background, and the JD/MSE, which is intended for students with strong undergraduate backgrounds in engineering or computer science. Chen, Butler, and Matevish are all pursuing the JD/MCIT.

nullChen graduated summa cum laude from New York University in 2012 with a BA in history. Before attending law school, she investigated cybercrimes and complex financial crimes at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, where she developed an interest in the interdisciplinary fields of privacy law and cybersecurity. This summer, she will be a legal intern at Twitter.

“I am grateful to receive the CTIC Interdisciplinary Scholarship because it means that I can advance my goals of working towards innovative research to address current and still unimaginable problems that will affect the security of an increasingly globalized and digital future,” said Chen. “I am certain that as a law and engineering student, I will be well-equipped to tackle significant issues concerning technology.”

2016 Professionalism Day HeadshotsButler graduated magna cum laude from the University of Oregon in 2014 with degrees in general science and political science, and he was president of the university’s rowing team. He will be spending this summer working with AT&T’s Federal Relations Team in Washington, D.C., through the AT&T-Penn Law Privacy and Technology Internship.

“It’s a blessing to be a part of the CTIC program,” said Butler. “I feel truly thankful that I get to join a cohort of talented students in the joint-degree program. Being able to pursue such a diverse array of opportunities is one of the reasons I chose to come to Penn Law.”

nullMatevish graduated summa cum laude from Penn in 2014 with a degree from Wharton in economics and a degree from the College in religious studies. Before entering Penn Law, she worked as an analyst for the Federal Bureau of Investigation on national security cyber matters. This summer, she will be conducting intellectual property research with Professor Shyam Balganesh and working as a cyber analyst for the Justice Department.

“I’ve been so fortunate to learn and receive mentorship from Penn Law professors doing incredible work in this space,” said Matevish. “I’m excited to take that knowledge and experience to the next level by studying at Penn Engineering with a CTIC Interdisciplinary Scholarship.”

In addition to the funding provided by the CTIC Interdisciplinary Scholarship, Chen, Butler, and Matevish will have the opportunity to work closely with CTIC faculty.

“The latest CTIC Interdisciplinary Scholarship recipients showcase the vast array of students interested in pursuing careers in law and technology,” said Christopher Yoo, John H. Chestnut Professor of Law, Communication, and Computer & Information Science and the founder of CTIC. “They possess backgrounds in the humanities, the social sciences, business, and science. Penn Law’s cross-disciplinary law and technology offerings provide the right joint-degree programs for each of them.”

Last year’s CTIC Interdisciplinary Scholarship recipients, Teddi Anne Josephson L’19 and Anna Marion L’19, will return to the Law School in September, after spending the second year of their joint-degree programs at Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Students interested in pursuing joint-degree programs at Penn Law should contact Amanda Aronoff, Associate Director of Cross-Disciplinary Programs at