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#275 Five great LastPass features you should know about

February 03, 2017

Here are five LastPass features that extend its use beyond a simple password store.

Last September we wrote about LastPass Premium, a service offered by the University, that securely stores login credentials for your accounts across the web. 


LastPass removes the hassle of remembering multiple passwords but there’s more to it. Here are five great features that extend its use beyond a simple password store.


Generate and store secure passwords with one click

Creating strong & unique passwords for every account you own can be trying. When creating a new account or resetting an existing password, LastPass will offer to generate and store one for you with just one click. Gone are the days of having to come up with (and remember!) something like “BX`R<3Dk[T;a]P!y” on your own.

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More than just passwords

LastPass allows storage of secure notes. Information such as ID numbers, WiFi passwords and other informational tidbits can be stored and categorized for further convenience. All notes are encrypted and, if desired, can be shared with other select LastPass users and groups.

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Shared Family Folders

This feature allows you to share logins with those you share web accounts with. Though branded as useful for families, it also works well for collaborative teams. The password is shared to each person’s LastPass account. When the password is changed, it’s updated for everyone in the group.

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Access to your passwords & notes across devices and platforms

Lastpass apps, plugins and extensions are available across all popular device OSes and browsers. So, your passwords and other information you store can move with you from device to device.
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Easier browsing and web transactions

LastPass features are geared, in general, towards easier web usage. In addition to one-click logins, it provides an automated form filler based on profiles you have created. These profiles may contain a wide array of information such as address & contact as well as custom fields you create yourself. 

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