Electronic Frontier Foundation Legal Internships

Legal interns assist in all aspects of litigation, including legal research, factual investigation, and drafting of memoranda and briefs, while also helping with policy research, client counseling, and the development of public education materials. EFF’s docket ranges across the technological and legal landscape, from online fair use of copyrighted materials to illegal government spying; take a look at http://www.eff.org/cases/ for details about EFF’s work preserving constitutional values in the digital world.

Summer legal internships are full-time, 40 hours per week minimum, and last 10-14 weeks (typically mid-May through mid-August). School-year internships are generally full-time as well, and we prefer interns who can commit to being in the office in San Francisco at least four days per week for 10-12 weeks (Spring Semester typically runs from the beginning of January through mid-May and Fall Semester runs mid-August through December). Law students attending schools with non-semester schedules are encouraged to apply as well. Internships are available at our office in San Francisco for all legal issues. We do not offer remote internships or internships in Washington DC. Internships are generally unpaid; therefore arrangements should be made with the student’s law school for work/study stipends.

Applications will be evaluated as they are received. You are encouraged to apply early, as EFF will be accepting on a rolling basis.


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