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Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic makes a difference for Philadelphia businesses

October 10, 2016

The Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic (ELC) was founded in 1981 and provides pro bono transactional legal services to Philadelphia area entrepreneurs and businesses. In this video feature, faculty, students, and clients of the ELC discuss the clinic’s work and its impact on legal education and the Philadelphia business community.


Praveen Kosuri, Practice Professor of Law; Director, Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic:

The ELC is the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic. It is the transactional practice group of what we consider our teaching law firm here at the Law School.

Rob Mitchell, President, Philly Mobile Food Association:

It’s a really, really exciting time to be a mobile entrepreneur, and the PMFA is very proud of what we’ve accomplished. But make no mistake — we couldn’t have accomplished any of this without Penn Law.

Grayson C. Weeks L’16:

If it’s the type of work you know you want to do, it’s valuable because you get to do some transactional work in law school. But even if you know that you don’t want to do it, it’s also a good opportunity to try something like this that you will probably never get to do for the rest of your career.

Bernice Grant, Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer:

We like to say that we can do pretty much anything that comes out of running a business, other than litigation and few other exceptions, such as public securities work and patent work.

Jarrett Stein, Co-Founder, Rebel Ventures:

Right when we made this transition from, like, we’re just selling to one school to we’re selling to the public, we then had this big responsibility as a business. And the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic, strategically, was a no brainer.

Bernice Grant:

There are no prerequisites for taking the ELC. Just as in the actual practice of law, we expect our students to learn as they go. So each client will present unique and challenging issues, and so we expect the students to do research and get up to speed on the various issues that they may confront.

Sennett Rockers L’16:

A huge plus, in terms of learning, is being able to do that alongside Professor Kosuri and Professor Grant, who are able to, you know, both let you explore, and then also sort of guide you back, maybe, toward the direction really you should be moving.

Praveen Kosuri:

What we’re hoping to do is give students skills and values and lessons that will last them years into practice, not merely months. And we hope it sets them apart from their peer group and allows them to excel through the law firms even faster than they normally would.