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#272 Get Your Passwords Under Control

September 29, 2016

For better or for worse, password authentication is the most popular way to digitally confirm your identity. With so many tools that require passwords, it’s difficult to create memorable passwords that are both unique and hard to guess. Luckily, password managers like LastPass can solve your password conundrum.

You can get a Premium version of LastPass through the University of Pennsylvania. Sign up for LastPass here and use LastPass to get control of your passwords for National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Once you’ve signed up for LastPass:

  1. Install the LastPass browser plugins.
  2. Get the LastPass IOS or Android app.
  3. Store your passwords. Once you’ve added an account to LastPass, you can sign onto your account from LastPass in one click!
  4. Clean up your passwords with the Cyber Security challenge! LastPass will flag your duplicated, easy-to-guess passwords so that you can patch up the holes in your password security. Use LastPass’s password generator or password strength estimator to build complex passwords, and always follow the One Password =  One Account rule.
  5. Change your PennKey password or LawKey password if they’re identical to other passwords you’ve used elsewhere. Your PennKey and LawKey passwords should not be the same!

Learn more about LastPass here.