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Next Generation Lawyers Need Tech Savviness

January 20, 2016

Technology is continuing to change the practice of law. New advances in artificial intelligence have led some law firm leaders to believe that computers will replace an increasing number of junior lawyers in the future. As technology continues to advance, law schools and rising attorneys must be prepared so they marketable in this quickly evolving digital age.

Barbara Kott, a partner at Major, Lindsey & Africa, a legal placement firm, recommends law school students and recent law school graduates should, “Truly understand how to utilize new technology…There is certainly a sea change in the way law is practiced as compared to ten or 15 years ago, and advances in technology is a significant part of that change.” Lawyers in the digital age must know how to harness digital technology and apply their unique skills to frame arguments and issues that digital technology, alone, cannot provide. Legaltechnews has the full story.