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Why Relationships at Work Matter

October 07, 2015

How to build the social ties necessary to be successful and happy at work

Having positive relationships with your colleagues not only makes your days more pleasant, but also makes you better at your job. A growing body of research suggests that without friendships at work, people miss out on two types of important support: structural support, which is “the ability to ask someone to cover for you when you’re in a bind,” and emotional support, which is having someone who can talk you through stress, change, or anxiety. The Harvard Business Review, explains how networking can help you build relationships in your organization.

  • Start with one or two people: Small steps make a big difference. If you make a connection with one person, he or she is likely to talk about you in positive way. You’re building a reputation beyond that single person
  • Make time for it: You have to make a conscious effort to set aside time for relationship-building
  • Ask questions: If you’re worried about what to say, don’t be. Just ask your colleagues questions, because it’s about creating a shared connection with someone and it’s perfectly acceptable to start with work-related topics.