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New Penn Law podcast series brings audiences “great minds on law and life”

March 03, 2015

Case in Point podcast pairs top legal scholars with newsmakers and other experts to bring knowledge, expertise to bear on problems of law, policy, business, and culture.

The University of Pennsylvania Law School has launched a new podcast, Case in Point, a series that takes a dynamic new approach to podcasting in higher education and the law.

With over one billion subscriptions through iTunes alone, podcasts are quickly becoming one of the go-to sources of information and entertainment for a tech-savvy audience. A unique resource, Case in Point is produced by a one of the nation’s top law schools and convenes scholars from Penn Law with newsmakers, practitioners, and journalists from around the U.S. and the world. The series delivers smart, accessible conversations that bring experts’ knowledge to bear on major issues of law, policy, business, and culture.

“Through Case in Point, listeners will gain insights into topics where the law significantly intersects with their day-to-day lives, from their health insurance coverage, to finance, to the schools their children attend,” said Wendell Pritchett, Interim Dean of Penn Law and Presidential Professor. “This podcast is an opportunity for us to bring the engaged work of Penn Law and other leading experts directly into listeners’ earbuds, anywhere in the world.”

“Case in Point transforms the connection between the latest scholarship in the law and solutions to the key issues in our society,” said Paul G. Haaga, Jr. L’74, WG’74, a member of NPR’s board of directors who served as NPR’s interim CEO from 2013 to 2014. “Through its innovative format, the series has created a lively venue where audiences can access an array of experts addressing topics that impact all of us.”

While many academic podcasts repurpose lectures and other events for broadcast, each episode of Case in Point contains wholly original content developed expressly for the medium. The program is produced at Penn Law, with Penn scholars and a host appearing in-studio; outside experts participate in the program remotely via video link. Episodes are available in both video and audio-only formats in iTunes, SoundCloud, and via

The first episode of Case in Point posted February 24 and features Dean Pritchett, along with Laura Perna, a Professor at Penn’s Graduate School of Education, and Jeff Selingo, author and contributing editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education, examining key challenges facing higher education — from rising tuition costs and increased student debt, to increasing access and the prospects for online education.

In the second episode, which posts March 3, Anita Allen, a Professor of Law and Philosophy, Penn’s Vice Provost for Faculty, and the author of Unpopular Privacy: What Must We Hide? joins Lisa Sotto, Managing Partner at Hunton & Williams in New York and Chair of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee, to discuss new threats to digital privacy and cybersecurity.

Future episodes include diverse and compelling topics such as new approaches to preventing errors and unintended outcomes in America’s criminal justice system, the future of America’s healthcare exchanges, new advances in neuroscience and the law, and the role of fiction in culture.

Case in Point is produced by the Penn Law Office of Communications and Penn Law Information Technology Services. The first season will have 20 episodes, and new episodes will be released every two weeks.