#254 Password Protect a Qualtrics Survey to Require a PennKey

February 24, 2015

You can now setup your Qualtrics survey to require a PennKey to access it. Directions are below.

  • On the “Edit Survey” tab, click on “Survey Flow”
  • Click on “+ Add a New Element Here” and select “Authenticator”
  • Select “SSO” from the “Authentication Type:” drop-down menu.
  • Uncheck “Associate Respondent With Panel”
  • Select “Shibboleth” from the “SSO Type:” drop-down menu.
  • Click and hold down the “Move” link to drag the box to the very top of your survey, before all other questions.
  • Click on “Save Flow”

To restrict each user to filling out the survey only once, on the “Edit Survey” tab, click on “Survey Options” and check “Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing” in the “Survey Protection” section.

More information on Qualtrics is available on ITS Online.

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