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#245 Basecamp 2.0 for iOS 8

December 12, 2014

Learn all about the new Basecamp 2.0 app for iOS 8.

Basecamp, the powerful project management application, has recently launched a new version of its iPhone & iPad app.

In order to install the Basecamp 2.0 app and access a whole swath of new features, you will have to ensure that you are running iOS 8 or later.

(You can verify your iOS version in Settings > General > About).


After you ensure you are on iOS 8, search the App Store for Basecamp and begin your download.


Some notable new features include:

  • Managing to-dos
  • Creating projects on the go
  • See your Basecamp updates in notification center
  • More intuitive share features between iOS apps


Now you can manage all of your projects right from the palm of your hand and never miss an urgent update.