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Meet the Counselor: Suzanne Marsh

July 11, 2014

Suzanne Marsh admits she could have happily become a psychologist; she took the route of a lawyer instead and found a common ground for these two interests. Her drive to understand and interact with people is readily apparent. As soon as the interview starts, she slows her usual fast-paced speech, careful to make sure notes are easily taken. It’s not long before she begins to ask questions back and is excited to find out more about the interviewer. That she is a people-driven person manifests in her ability to quickly pick up foreign languages, her genuine interest in others, and, since 2008, her job as a counselor and associate director at Penn Law’s Office of Career Planning and Professionalism.

“I love meeting people their first year of law school or years later as alumni,” Suzanne said. “It makes the job for me.” It’s this kind of interaction that prompted her to leave a position at a big law firm and become a litigator at Campbell’s Soup Company. She felt like she did not get to know clients in big law. Campbell’s proved to be different. “You’re the lawyer and the client – from soup to nuts,” she said, taking a pause. “No pun intended.”

As Associate Litigation Counsel, she advised the company on various matters - law and otherwise - as well as served as the chief litigator of Pepperidge Farm. These various other matters included such topics as cookie design and human resource issues. The job, she said, was all-inclusive. Additionally, she was called upon as a translator whenever someone was needed for Spanish-speaking clients and customers.  

She recalled years ago hearing about a friend becoming a law school career counselor. “That sounds like my dream job,” she remembered saying. Experiencing some life changes, she found out that a part-time opportunity to counsel was open at Penn Law. She went for it. Because she attended Penn as an undergraduate, she said it felt like a homecoming to return to campus. She is also a graduate of New York University Law School.