#239 Useful Siri Commands

June 23, 2014

Need to make quick changes to your iPhone’s settings or search for something on the Internet? Use these Siri commands to let your phone do all the work and give your thumbs a break.


Google Search

  • “Google Search [search term]”

With this command, Siri will search Google for you and return the results quickly.

Search Email

  • “Find my email about [search term]”

Use this command and Siri will search email accounts on your phone for messages containing the search term you mentioned.

Change Phone Settings

Toggle Settings

  • “Turn off/on [setting]”

Use this command and Siri can toggle settings for you, for example: “Turn off WiFi”.

Launch Apps

  • “Launch [app name]”

Use this command and Siri will launch any app on your phone, for example: “Launch Canvas”.

Customize Siri

Create Nicknames

  • “[Contact Name] is my [relationship]”

Use this command to create custom nicknames for your contacts, for example: “Jen is my sister” will allow you to use commands like “Send an email to my sister”.

Teach Correct Pronunciation

  • “That’s not how you pronounce [word]”

Use this command to teach Siri how to pronounce certain names or words. After using this command, Siri will lead you through prompts to teach it the correct pronunciation.

Fun Commands

Flip a Coin

  • “Flip a coin”

Unable to make up your mind about something? Use this command and let Siri decide for you with a coin toss.

Airplanes Overhead

  • “What airplanes are above me?”

Curious about what is happening in the sky above you? Use this command and Siri will return a list of flights viewable from your current location.


For more tips on Siri and iOS, please see this article or our previous ITS Tips.

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