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Micole Allekotte L’09 notes how exposure to different areas helped define her focus

April 12, 2012



Hi, I’m Micole Allekotte. I am currently a law clerk for Judge Walls. I graduated in 2009. Before I was a clerk, I was a fellow at the National Women’s Law Center and next year I am going to work at the Department of Labor.

I think one of the great things about Penn is that I actually thought I was very focused when I came to law school. I thought I really knew what I wanted to do and that I wanted to be a women’s rights lawyer and I learned as I started doing law that is not just one job. That here are a lot, a lot of different aspects of law that could help me help women as a group, but also a lot of different types of work that I could be doing - whether it is litigation, or policy work, or regulatory work. So, Penn really gave me the opportunity that I didn’t know I needed to explore all different kinds of work and also all different types of organizations to work in. I feel that Penn really opened a lot of doors for me intellectually by helping me to figure out what the different options are and helping me to try each one so that I could narrow it down a little.

Transcript edited for length.