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Commitment to Penn Law

May 22, 2014

The University of Pennsylvania Law School celebrated the exceptional excellence and years of dedication of the Law School’s faculty and staff at the annual Longevity Awards. The longstanding commitment of employees at the Law School speaks to the collaborative and collegial environment fostered throughout every level at the School.

Annually, the Longevity Awards recognizes employees who reach incremental service milestones of continuous service to Penn Law. Faculty or staff with ten or more years or service are recognized at five year service milestones.


The 2014 recipients include:

40 Years

    • Ken Funderburk
      Ken came to the Penn Libraries right out of high school. He worked for a few years at Van Pelt before coming to the Law School when the Biddle Library was in Lewis Hall, before it became Silverman Hall. Ken also worked for a number of years for Specta Guard at the same time, as did many of the Library system employees, and always talks sports with Penn law students whom he would often see at the various games. He is still a favorite of alums who stop back at the Circulation Desk when they come for alumni events, and at graduation students bring their parents to meet Ken.
    • Frank Goodman
      Following four decades of wide-ranging scholarship, inspired teaching, and devoted service, Frank Goodman assumes emeritus status this year. Few members of the Penn Law faculty have had as long and varied a career as Prof. Goodman. His accomplishments in Hollywood as an entertainment lawyer, in Washington as a government lawyer, and on both coasts as an esteemed scholar and teacher at two great universities reflect the brilliant range and rigor of his intellect. Prof. Goodman is a Law School legend, as well known (and beloved) for his occasional forgetfulness as for the intellectual playfulness and depth of his thinking about topics as diverse as constitutional law, legal philosophy, administrative law, environmental law, sports law, and welfare law.

35 Years

    • Douglas N. Frenkel L’72
      Generations of Penn Law students have Doug Frenkel to thank for the unsurpassed quality of their clinical experiences. One of the Law School’s leading cinephiles, Prof. Frenkel is the architect of Penn Law’s nationally renowned Gittis Center, which he served as Director from 1980 to 2008. Under his inspired leadership, the clinical program grew to include real-case courses in litigation, transactional representation, mediation, legislation, child advocacy and transnational lawyering. An innovative teacher and scholar, Prof. Frenkel is a national authority on mediation and is the author of the leading law school skills text in the field, a multimedia volume. When not at Penn Law, you might find him consulting at law schools across the country and abroad on clinical program design, or else at a Ritz cinema or film festival.
    • Judith Vaughan-Sterling
      Judy Vaughan-Sterling came to Biddle in 1981, after working briefly at Van Pelt Library. She got her library degree in 1985 and joined the professional staff as a Catalog Librarian, helping to bring up the online catalog in 1989. Although still responsible for cataloging oversight, and in order to better reflect changes within the profession and with technical aspects of the work, her title recently changed to Metadata Services Librarian. She has a husband, two adult children, and two standard poodles.

30 Years

    • Julie Colleluori
      Each year, a tremendous number of students find their way to Julie’s desk, initially seeking to schedule space for events, then looking for guidance on catering, then asking how to get things accomplished at the law school, and then coming to her for advice on any number of personal matters. As a result, Julie is one of the mainstays behind our vibrant student life. For many Penn Law students, Julie has become one of the indispensable resources at Penn Law, a patient listener, a well of good ideas and helpful guidance, and a trusted adviser.

25 Years

    • Edward B. Rock L’83
      A celebrated and award-winning scholar and teacher, Ed Rock is one of Penn Law’s own, a member of the Class of 1983, one of the Law School’s most accomplished group of graduates. Almost no year passes without Prof. Rock being recognized for publishing an outstanding article on corporate law and corporate governance. He writes on topics ranging from hedge funds, to corporate voting, to proxy access, to corporate federalism, to mergers and acquisitions. When the University needed someone to oversee Coursera, its Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) initiative, it turned to Prof. Rock for his leadership and business acumen. In addition to being the Saul A. Fox Distinguished Professor of Business Law, he serves as a Professor of Business and Public Policy at Wharton.
    • Stephen J. Morse
      It’s not every Law School Professor who pals around with Alan Alda or collects art, but Stephen Morse does both. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to forensic psychiatry and the psychiatric aspects of jurisprudence, Prof. Morse in May received the Isaac Ray Award of the American Psychiatric Association, one of the highest honors in its field. Prof. Morse, who joined the Penn Law faculty in 1988, is the Ferdinand Wakeman Hubbell Professor of Law and Professor of Psychology and Law in Psychiatry. He is also the associate director of the Penn Center for Neuroscience & Society and a Diplomate in Forensic Psychology of the American Board of Professional Psychology. Such eminence brought him to Alda’s attention when it came time to enlist expert commentators for the two-hour PBS special Brains on Trial.
    • Howard Lesnick
      For generations of Penn Law students learning to do the right thing has been synonymous with Howard Lesnick, the Jefferson B. Fordham Professor of Law. A one-time law clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall Harlan, Prof. Lesnick first joined the Law School faculty in 1960. He left in 1982 to help found the CUNY School of Law and returned to Penn Law in 1988. The author of countless articles and books on ethical responsibility in law, religion and morality, and moral education, Prof. Lesnick has developed ways for students, teachers, and practitioners to integrate their work with their aspirations and values. He is a founder and past president of the Society of American Law Teachers and has participated in litigation, training, and consultative work related to the legal problems of poor people. To call Howard Lesnick a 25 year employee is… well… wrong. Howard was on the faculty at Penn Law for 22 years prior to leaving his appointment as a founding faculty member at CUNY Law School. Howard returned to Penn Law in 1988 and advocated for our pro bono program, which will itself celebrate 25 years. And, so, we celebrate Howard’s 25th year in his SECOND term at Penn Law today.

20 Years

    • David Roush
      David Roush started working at Penn as a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. He worked in various departments across campus: one of his jobs was to be the voice of the Penn Dining telephone menu of the day. He joined Penn Law after graduation to handle the deployment of Windows 95 as well as provide IT support to faculty and staff. He has advanced to become Director of ITS Operations. He researches computing products, manages vendor relationships, manages our inventory and software licensing and develops projects and budgets. He is happy to do whatever is needed. David has earned a Wharton certificate in Business Essentials. While at Penn Law he has also nurtured a love of cooking: during one year while working part-time at Penn Law he worked at two area restaurants. At about the same time he met his wife Caroline Cruz, who is a Penn Law grad and city prosecutor. David and Caroline live in the South Philly Passyunk Square neighborhood.
    • Michelle Werner
      Michelle Werner began working at the Law School in August of 2002 and Business Affairs hasn’t been the same since! Prior to joining the Law School, Michelle worked in the Schools of Engineering, and Arts and Sciences before calling Penn Law home. Michelle takes her job very seriously and ensures everyone gets reimbursed promptly. She has an incredible memory, and can remember individual transactions that date back to when she first got here in 2002! Michelle has taken on opportunities to represent Penn Law by serving first on the Association of Business Administrators, and then as a highly vocal member of the team that built the new travel and entertainment reimbursement system that we all have come to love so much, Concur. We would hear how she was the voice of reason on behalf of schools! Probably one of Michelle’s favorite parts of her job is working with students, and she’ll be the first to remind them to plan ahead as Penn can’t just cut a check in an hour. But when push comes to shove, Michelle seems to still be able to make that last minute check happen. We congratulate Michelle on 20 (or 21 as she counts it) years of service at Penn!
    • Jerel Wohl
      Jerel arrived at Penn in July 1993 in University Budget Office where his primary duties as a Budget Analyst included oversight of Ernie and the Law School’s budget. Three years later, Jerel left the dark side to become Director of Fiscal Operations at the Graduate School of Education. In August 2007, he moved into a similar role here at the Law School where he now manages the Law School budget under Ernie’s oversight. He loves Disney World so much that if it were up to him the family would vacation there every year. Jerel likes to spend time with his boys riding rollercoasters at Six Flags and Hersey Park. Jerel was addicted to chocolate but now has trade chocolate in for fruit salads and jogging through Penn Park. Rumor has it Jerel makes the BEST chocolate brownies! His goal this year was to take last place in the NCAA pool. He’s the president of the Barry Manilow fan club. He’s not a big fan of wearing shoes.

15 Years

    • Anita L. Allen
      Few Penn Law faculty members have a wider range of experience than Anita L. Allen, who last July was named Vice Provost for Faculty by the University. She is, in the words of Provost Vincent Price, “a distinguished scholar of law and ethics, a seasoned administrator, a vibrant writer and public speaker and a longtime champion of equity and access.” Prof. Allen is an internationally renowned expert on privacy law, bioethics, and contemporary values and is recognized for scholarship about legal philosophy, women’s rights, and race. The Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law, she is also professor of philosophy in the School of Arts and Sciences and serves on the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. The author of six books and numerous articles, she contributes to newspapers, magazines, blogs and nationally broadcast television and radio programs.
    • Atiya Baldwin
      Atiya Baldwin (formerly Clark) joined Penn Law in 1998 from University City High School. After a few years of working in admissions, she joined the Career Planning and Professionalism (formerly Placement) team. Atiya manages the clerkship application process, CP&P events, recruiting programs and the day-to-day operations of the office. She has consistently demonstrated her high standards of fairness and equity and her dedicated customer service spirit. Atiya brings an unparalleled organizational ability to everything she does helping all of us do our jobs better. Atiya is beloved by her colleagues as a friend and trusted advisor to many throughout the law school. When not at work, Atiya enjoys time with her four amazing children, Myeesha, Kasim, Troy and Andre, and her wonderful husband, Andre.
    • Christine Droesser
      Christine Droesser holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and a dual master’s degree in Management of Information Systems and Library/Information Science from Drexel University. She joined Penn Law in 1998, working the first year as a reference librarian in Biddle. She then moved to ITS to work with Faculty doing support and then as manager of the web team. Christine currently serves as Director of both the web and support teams and Associate Director of the department. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her husband Wayne and kids, Patrick and Ava. She also recently adopted her 2nd retired racing greyhound.
    • Eoin Ennis
      Eoin Ennis began working for the University of Pennsylvania library system in 1998. From 1998 to 2007, he worked as a Library Storage Clerk processing incoming material in a variety of formats and languages. From 2008 through October of 2011, Eoin filled the role of Bibliographic Assistant for the Penn Libraries’ High Density Storage Facility known as LIBRA. In October of 2011, Biddle Law Library hired Eoin to carry out the role of Invoice Clerk, and he continues to excel in that capacity. When not at work, Eoin enjoys international travel and bike riding excursions.
    • Robin Harris
      Robin L. Harris began working at the Law School in 1999 in the Admissions and Financial Aid Office where she worked as an Administrative Assistant and then as an Administrative Coordinator where she provided direct support to the Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid. She determined eligibility for Federal Work Study through needs analysis, managed the Federal Summer Work Study process, and tracked and posted all scholarships for the Law School. She moved over to the Registrar’s Office in May, 2003 as the Assistant Registrar. In her current role, Robin is your go-to person to for scheduling makeup classes, reserving classroom space, and securing your book order. Additionally, her warm personality and smile are welcoming to all who might need to get a document notarized. She currently attends the Community College of Philadelphia and plans to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree here at Penn at the College of Liberal and Professional Studies. She has one son who is a junior and attends Penn State University. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the movies, listening to music and social media! In fact, we love to refer to her as the Coupon Queen. #winning is her most notable hashtag. Check out what she gets at CVS for pennies on the dollar.
    • David A. Skeel
      David Skeel is one of the Law School’s true Renaissance people, an award-winning scholar and teacher, who in addition to being one of the nation’s leading experts on bankruptcy and corporate law, writes on Christianity and law, and poetry and the law. Skeel is a frequent commentator in national media and a regular contributor of opinion and analysis to the Wall Street Journal. An inspired teacher, Skeel has been selected three times by the graduating class to receive the Harvey Levin Memorial Award for outstanding teaching and has also received the University’s Lindback Award for distinguished teaching. His history of bankruptcy law is a classic in the field, and he has written books on corporate abuse and government regulation. Outside the Law School, he serves as an elder at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.

10 Years

    • Nesha Patel
      Nesha joined the Faculty Support Staff in 2007 from the Wharton School, where she supported faculty technology and web projects since 2003. She has her Bachelor’s degree from Strayer University in Computer Information Systems. At Penn Law, Nesha supports the academic mission by spearheading the posting and organizing of course materials onto Canvas for all faculty, lecturers, and adjuncts. Nesha also uses her excellent skills in Access, Outlook, Word, Word Perfect, Excel, and other software packages to support a myriad of faculty projects. She is an inveterate traveler and loves to visit different places around the world.
    • Sherita Ragins
      Sherita Ragins works in the Registrar’s Office as the Coordinator for Cross-Disciplinary Programs. She started at the Law School in 2001, first working for Student Affairs, and later moved to the RO. She graduated from Fisk University with a BA in Biology. She loves horror and sci-fi moves and listens to all types of music. Her self-proclaimed favorite pastime is spending weekends binging on Netflix/Hulu. She has an 11 year old son, Shamir.
    • Chris William Sanchirico
      Chris Sanchirico is a nationally recognized expert in tax policy, who has a knack for asking creative questions. A leading voice in public policy discourse, his most recent article asks who owns Apple? It turns out that no one knows, a discovery with important implications for the taxation of multinational companies’ overseas profits. The Samuel A. Blank Professor of Law, Business and Public Policy, Prof. Sanchirico co-directs the Law School’s Center for Tax Law and Policy and teaches in Wharton’s Business Economics and Public Policy Department. He spent the previous academic year serving as a visiting scholar at the Urban-Brooking’s Tax Policy Center. Students are glad to have him back. In addition to his work on tax policy, Prof. Sanchirico teaches and writes about evidence and civil procedure.
    • Larry Teitelbaum
      Larry Teitelbaum joined the Penn Law team in 2002 after a successful career as a journalist and speechwriter. For the past decade Larry has been the Editor of the Penn Law Journal. Over this period he has redesigned and revitalized the publication adding many interesting features for our readers. Additionally, Larry is responsible for producing the Penn Law Annual Report and has served as a speechwriter for Dean Fitts. Over the years he has also produced many innovative stewardship pieces and videos for our major donors. In conjunction with others, he was the architect of the J’Parody Campaign Closing festivities in January of 2013. A native of Philadelphia, he is an avid and outspoken Phillies and Eagles fan.