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Joline Price L’12 on her passion to improve health care for underserved populations

April 04, 2014

Joline Price L’12 on her passion to improve health care for underserved populations.



My name is Joline Price. I am a 2012 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. I am a Langer Grogan and Diver Fellow at the Pennsylvania Health Law Project.

Working with clients all over the state of Pennsylvania accessing medical assistance or insurance through the new federally facilitated marketplace thats operating in Pennsylvania. Finding way to get them coverage when they don’t have coverage or when their health insurance coverage has been terminated. Also, helping them get services if they are being denied by their managed care plan for pharmaceutical benefits or durable medical equipment, things like that that are necessary for them to live their lives to the fullest and live a stable life. So I help on both ends.

I also, I think, took full advantage of the pro bono programs that are offered here and there is such a wealth of student run programs that offer you the experience to do all sorts of different kinds of work. I participated in Custody and Support Assistance Clinic, which really was actually my first experience doing direct legal services, helping people navigate family court in Philadelphia and I really appreciated that experience, which was like kind of trial by fire, and kind of working with in legal services and learning how to really do that direct legal services work in a very supportive and nurturing environment. It also exposed me even more than I already been pre law school to the public benefits system, which is something that I have now become very passionate about, the kind of social safety net and how we make sure that people who are living in poverty have the means to kind of focus on getting out of poverty.

The public interest community here really helped me launch my public interest career because it really, I got a lot of guidance from the Toll Public Interest Center in terms of narrowing my focus and thinking about what exactly I wanted to do as I approached helping people. How do I narrow down I want to help people to I want to attack poverty in this specific way.

You really have support group and a community to kind of navigate your internship search, trying to figure out what your going to do in terms of classes and clinics, and get the experiences you want to help navigate the post graduate job search which can be very challenging. And I really appreciated having that community and having the support also from Toll and the folks there.

Transcript edited for length.