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#222 Microsoft Ending Support for Windows XP

March 31, 2014

Microsoft is officially ending support for Windows XP next week on April 8th, 2014.  What does that mean if you are still using Windows XP?  It means no more:

  • Security Updates
  • Software Support
  • Hardware Manufacturer Support
  • Technical Assistance from Microsoft

Microsoft will stop releasing security patches and updates, so your computer will be subject to future vulnerabilities.  They are also going to stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP, though if you have it installed you will continue to receive updates for a limited time.


There will also be a considerable lack of support from other vendors.  Software will stop being developed and updated for Windows XP, as well as hardware drivers.  So any computers running Windows XP will begin to find that new apps and devices are not compatible.


Because of the security vulnerabilities and lack of support, its time to upgrade to a newer operating system.  You can either purchase Windows 7 at a discount from the Computer Connection or run this Windows Upgrade Assistant to determine whether your computer and apps are compatible with Windows 8.


If you are not sure whether your computer is running Windows XP, you can check here.


For more information, please visit Microsoft’s support documentation.

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