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#218 Upload Files to a Penn+Box Folder via Email

March 06, 2014

You can upload files to any Penn+Box folder by adjusting email options within the folder you choose.  Here is how to configure a Penn+Box folder to receive uploads from email attachments:


  1. Go to and click the button labeled “Continue” and sign in with your PennKey.
  2. Click on the folder you would like to email files to.
  3. Once you’re in the folder, click the “More” drop down button, then hover over “Properties“ and click “Email Options”.
  4. A new window should pop up, make sure the check box for “Allow uploads to this folder via email” is checked. 
  5. Once the box is checked, a new field will appear with an email address that you should save or copy – this is the email address you must use to upload attachments.
  6. Click the “Save” button at the bottom. 


You can now use the email address provided in Step 5 to upload documents to your Penn+Box folder via email attachment.


Here are some important notes about this email upload function:

  • Upload via email only works for file attachments – the body of the email will not be uploaded to Box.
  • The cumulative size of the attachments cannot exceed 80MB. 
  • Only the folder owner will receive a notification that files were uploaded successfully.
  • Collaborators will also receive a notification if upload notifications are enabled for the folder.


For more information, please see this guide from Box Support or email

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