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Critical Update For Adobe Flash

February 06, 2014

There has been a critical security update released for Adobe Flash.  We strongly recommend updating Adobe Flash on your home computers and laptops.  Here are instructions on how to update on a PC:


1. Go to

2. Select your operating system from the drop down menu

3. Select a version from the second drop down menu (either for Internet Explorer or your preferred browser)*

4. Uncheck the box under ‘Optional offer’

5. Click the button labeled ‘Download Now’

6. Once the file has downloaded, choose to run the file if prompted. Otherwise go the Downloads folder on your computer and double click the .exe file (it should have a long title that includes “install_flashplayer”)

a. A new window will pop up, click Run

b. You will then either be prompted to enter the username and password of an administrator or a Yes/No dialog will appear. Either enter the username and password and click OK, or just click Yes

7. Select the button labeled “Allow Adobe to install updates” and click Next

8. Once the installation is complete, click Finish


*Note: If you use Internet Explorer and a second browser regularly, you will need to perform this installation twice: Once selecting Internet Explorer at step 2, and another time selecting “Other Browsers” at step 2.

If you have any problems with the installation, please email or visit the ITS Help Center from 12 to 4.

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