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Finance and Securities Law: A Look at Company Research

September 26, 2013

Written by Lev Breydo, Biddle Research Fellow.

Do you need to research a company? Learn about finance or securities law? Maybe find some data that you aren’t too familiar with? Biddle can help! One helpful resource is Bloomberg, which provides useful material in two different ways: the Bloomberg Terminal and Bloomberg Law. 

Located in the Biddle Law Library computer lab, the Bloomberg terminal is a platform which provides real-time and historical financial data, news, and analytics. The Bloomberg terminal is also a comprehensive resource for company specific or financial research and arguably the best place to start when you are looking for real-time financial data. 
To log in to the Biddle Law Library terminal, use the login information on the white plastic card below the monitor (or consult a reference librarian).  



To get data for any company:

Step 1. Log into the terminal and type the company name into the GO bar, followed by the F8 key (which corresponds to equity –You’ll notice that the other F keys correspond to different security types). 

GO Bar.jpg
Step 2. You will see a page titled “Analyze _____ Equity.” Select “security description” to get a broad overview of the company.
·         Select “Report,” to output the security description pages as a pdf.
finanace 1 small.jpg
To get in-depth financial info: Navigate back to the Analyze page and select “Financial Analysis.” This will take you to a page with all financial and balance sheet data.
·         Click on “Output” to download the data as a Microsoft Excel file.
 finanace 2 small.gif

To get help: Pressing the “Help” Key once gives an explanation of the function you are on.
Pressing “Help” twice starts a chat with Bloomberg help. You may also call Customer Support (the numbers are provided on the desktop of the terminal).  
To watch Bloomberg Terminal training videos: Enter BU in the GO bar. Then Select “View Training Videos.”
Law students and practitioners with access to Bloomberg Law may find the information they are looking for by logging in to Bloomberg Law online, as opposed to visiting the terminal in person. 
To do company research:
1. Enter a company name into the GO bar at the top of the page. It will suggest legal content, company information, and people relating to the company.
2. Select company information. This will take you to a screen where you can quickly access financials, key ratios, company filings, credit ratings, and more.