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Law Blogs: Useful for Law Students

February 17, 2011

Law blogs (sometimes referred to as “blawgs”) can often serve as valuable resources for law students.  Resources such as the ABA…

Written by Steven Singer, Biddle Intern

Law blogs (sometimes referred to as “blawgs”) can often serve as valuable resources for law students.  Resources such as the ABA Journal’s Blawg Directory can help students find blogs covering a range of legal topics. 
The Blawg Directory contains features that help to simplify the task of searching for legal information in the blogosphere.  The site includes a list of tabs; selecting the appropriate tab enables visitors to the site to search the directory by topic, type of author, geographical region or jurisdiction that the blog covers, or law school with which the blog is associated.  When the tab labeled “Main” is selected, a featured blog is displayed.  Underneath the featured blog is a list of recently featured blogs, a list of blogs that are currently popular, and a list of random topics. 

Various legal blogs found using the directory may be particularly appealing to law students. The Blog of Legal Times (BLT), for instance, covers legal news stories with a focus on Washington, DC. Among its features, the BLT includes a series of posts, called “The Morning Wrap,” which summarizes news articles on other sites and links to the articles described. This blog seems especially valuable for students interested in recent developments in United States federal law.

The Legal History Blog features news, links to scholarly articles, books and events about legal history. The topics of the blog posts are diverse, including the legal history of Daylight Savings Timeand an entry about the recently published autobiography George W. Bush. A law student could possibly use this blog as inspiration for a thesis topic.

Wish I Would Have Known is a kind of advice column for law students.  Although some of the humor contained within the posts can be a little off-color, much of the blog’s information, such as suggestions for how to prepare outlines and study for exams, can be particularly useful.  
Law blogs can often serve as beneficial supplements, or interesting additions, to the information that students learns in law school.  Check out the Blawg Directory regularly, as one way of keeping up with legal blogs.