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Penn Law Profs On iTunes

January 22, 2010

 iTunes U provides access to over 200,000 free educational audio and video downloads by eminent scholars and thinkers…
Q:  Which Penn Law School faculty members can be downloaded from iTunes?  (Read on for the answer.) We recently read about the release of Penn law student Andrew Bingham’s first album, “A Hoarder Wants to Give,” available on iTunes.  But faculty on iTunes?  Yes.  Think beyond music…    On the top bar of your iTunes web page is a link to iTunes U, standing for iTunes University.  iTunes U provides access to over 200,000 free educational audio and video downloads by eminent scholars and thinkers from universities, museums and other cultural institutions.  Downloads are saved in an iTunes U Library folder on your iTunes page and can be viewed or listened to on your iPhone, iPod, or on your computer. 
Topics cover a broad spectrum.  You can learn Mandarin Chinese, listen to bluegrass music from the Florida Folklife Collection, or subscribe to “courses” from major universities.  iTunes U can be searched by categories such as health, mathematics, society, or social science, or by keywords.  To open the Categories box, click on any topic on the main iTunes page.  The Social Science category has a drop-down box to narrow your selection to sub-categories such as law, political science, or public administration.




To search by keyword use the search box in the upper right corner.  Limit the results by using Filter by Media Types/iTunes U.  A search for “University of Pennsylvania Law” shows 6 relevant downloads.  Included are a professor’s 1L Patent course lectures, a presentation at an Emory University conference, and a variety of videos produced by Penn Law students. 


To learn more about iTunes U and an introductory tour, visit 


A:  Penn Law faculty on iTunes U as of January 12, 2010:


·         Prof. Austin – A series of student-produced videos made for the class, “Documentaries and the Law”
·         Prof. Balganesh – “The Social Costs of Property Rights in Broadcast (and Cable)”at Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, DePaul University
·         Prof. Kosuri – “Center for Culinary Enterprise – A Recipe for Economic Development,” a student-produced video for Prof. Austin’s “Documentaries and the Law” class
·         Prof. Rock – “Institutional Investors in Corporate Governance: Heroes or Villains? - Pt. 2: Hedge Fund Activism, Voting Gambits, and Tender Offers,” at Case Western Reserve University
·         Prof. Skeel – “After the Fall: A World Transformed?” at David and Lyn Silfen University Forum, University of Pennsylvania  
·         Prof. Skeel – “The Paths of Christian Legal Scholarship,” at Law and Religion: The Next 25 Years, Emory University    
·         Prof. Wagner – “Property” - Penn Law 1L law course, “Patent Law and Policy” - Penn Law 1L law course
·         Prof. Wagner – “Did Phillips Change Anything – Empirical Analysis of the Federal Circuit’s Claim Construction Jurisprudence” at Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, DePaul University
·         Prof. Wolff – “Inalienable Rights – Gay Marriage in the Courts,” on Stanford University’s Law “album”