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Copyright Debate on the New York Times Site

January 17, 2008

Welcome back! There's a nice debate online this week between a Columbia Law School professor and an entertainment industry executive regarding copyright and privacy. (More after the jump.)
The New York Times' Bits blog is sponsoring a debate this week between Tim Wu and Rich Cotton. A media and copyright scholar, Wu co-authored a book in 2006 called "Who Controls the Internet?" Cotton is General Counsel and a vice president of NBC Universal. Guess where each of them falls on the issue of copyright? So far, the discussion has been spirited, particularly from Wu. Day one focused on digital rights management. Day two centered on the question of whether or not internet service providers should monitor and prohibit copyright infringement by its users. (Interestingly, Wu wrote an article for Slate this week talking at length about AT&T's attempts to build such technology into its broadband network.) Day three concerned fair use. Today, Wu and Cotton are fielding questions from readers who have been commenting all week on the Bits blog website. At minimum, the debate has served as a good primer of the major issues concerning intellectual property in the digital age. Head over to the Times if you want to submit a question, participate in the discussion, or if you just want to sit back and watch the fur fly.