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List of Legal Blogs

December 07, 2007
Like their non-legal counterparts, Blawgs have experienced an explosion of growth in recent years. Practitioners, law professors, law students, law firms and even major newspapers maintain law-related blogs to provide on-going commentary on a vast array of topics. At their best, Blawgs serve as a valuable research and information tool by providing near-instantaneous insight and analysis into contemporary legal issues by recognized experts in the field. Contributors to well-known and respected Blawgs (e.g. Eugene Volokh - Volokh Conspiracy, Larry Solum - Legal Theory Blog, Jack Balkin - Balkanization) attract thousands of daily readers and have reached a quasi-celebrity status with their respective cyber-constituencies. Whether or not Blawgs will emerge as "a new form of scholarly activity" or will ultimately be viewed as "just a diversion from the pursuit of serious intellectual inquiry" is a question currently being debated by the academy. In the meantime, why not check out some of the below-referenced Blawgs and make up your own mind about the issue. Above the Law (Legal Gossip/Tabloid Blawg) Balkanization (Academic Blawg) Concurring Opinions (General Law Blawg) Law Professor Blogs (Metasite for subject specific Blawgs) Leiter's Law School Reports (Law School Blawg) Legal Theory Blog (Academic Blawg) SCOTUS Blog (US Supreme Court Blawg) Volokh Conspiracy (General Law Blawg) Wall Street Journal Law Blog (General Law Blawg) Of course, hundreds of additional Blawgs exist. Feel free to explore to find your own personal favorite. Happy Blawging!