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Collaborative Campus: Prof. R. Polk Wagner

November 21, 2013
BOLD AMBITIONS completed a decade-long transformation of our campus. One of the nation’s finest law school campuses is now fully integrated and spatially diverse, and, like today’s legal profession, both interconnected and dynamic. 




Penn Law worked hard to build in collaboration between faculty, students, and others. Small seminar rooms and meeting spaces were integrated into both faculty office zones and student hangouts. Different areas of faculty and staff offices are now linked together with a network of interesting pathways, encouraging collegiality and collaboration while maintaining lots of different types of spaces and environments. The new outdoor spaces, the garden, the rooftop terraces, and the redeveloped courtyard allow us to bring an open and natural feel to our exciting urban campus. Redeveloping the Penn Law campus was an exercise in integrating modern architecture and high technology into the long traditions of collaboration and collegiality here at the Law School. With the help of donor dollars and the Golkin family in particular, the Law School has been able to focus a great deal on building connections and collaborative zones, providing spaces where students and faculty can run into each other, interact, and build on the vibrant community that is the hallmark of our Law School. 

Transcript has been edited for length. 

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