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Cross-Disciplinary Paradigm: Daniel Martin L’14

November 21, 2013
BOLD AMBITIONS recognized the need for even greater cross-disciplinary excellence. Today’s problems can only be analyzed and solved by thinking broadly. To meet this challenge, we have dramatically expanded the opportunities to graduate with a joint degree and inspired more students to study and think across disciplines.




When I was deciding where to go to law school, Penn stood out because of its unique focus on cross-disciplinary education. If you pick up today’s newspaper, you can’t miss how the law intersects with so many different worlds - business and finance, technology, healthcare, public policy, international affairs.  Through its joint degree programs, the Law School is unique in allowing students to truly capitalize on the incredible resources of this University, including the Wharton School. Now that I have been able to experience the joint JD/MBA program, I am convinced that Penn is the best place in the world to study the intersection of business and the law. Already I have seen how concepts from my tax law class carry over into my accounting classes, how concepts from accounting carry over into corporate law. It has been an incredible opportunity to learn from both faculties and to be a part of both student bodies and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come here. I thank all of you for investing in this unique curriculum at Penn Law. 

Transcript has been edited for length. 

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