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#204 Organize Your Surveys in Qualtrics with Folders

November 14, 2013

Qualtrics is great for creating and distributing surveys, but too many surveys can clutter your home page.  Here is how to create and manage folders for your surveys:


  1. Log into Qualtrics with your PennKey (
  2. Click the button labeled “Manage Folders”image
  3.  Click the button labeled “+ Add Folder”image
  4. Name your new folder as you would like and press Enter
  5. You can now drag surveys from the right side into a folder on the left side to re-organize your surveys

 For more information on Qualtrics, please see our support documentation or our FAQ’s and Tips.

Latest News

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    PennKey Enhancements

    • New password rules that make it easier to create a secure password, encouraging users to “combine four or more unrelated words” to create a strong password that is easy to remember.
    • A password meter that gives real-time feedback as users create a password, and that confirms when a password meets the rules and will be accepted.
    • Introduction of “Forgot PennKey username / password” links on the Penn WebLogin screen.
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    AirPennNet Wifi maintenance on May 20 at 7am will require Android Users to re-configure their devices. Re-configuration steps can be found on ITS Online. For more information see ISC’s announcement.