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Abhay Chattopadhyay LLM’13 on what makes Penn Law’s LLM program unique

October 25, 2013

In this video feature, Abhay Chattopadhyay LLM’13 discusses what makes Penn Law’s LLM program distinct and how and why the program attracts top students from around the world.  




I’m Abhay Chattopadhyay, I’m from India, from New Delhi. I practiced from 2010-2012 before I came to Penn for the LLM program. Essentially, I was involved with a lot of litigation at the New Delhi high court and Supreme Court of India.

In a year, I’ve managed to develop relationships and friendships in the LLM program as well as at Penn Law. With faculty, with JDs, with administrators, with everyone.

This is the single greatest law school in the world. And I say that with some thought. Simply because, it’s not the biggest law program in the United States, and that actually is brilliant because what it does is it allows you to meet people. It allows you to get to know them - by the end of the year, you’re friends with every single one of your classmates. They have gone from being acquaintances to being friends.

And, it’s a program of excellence. When it’s on your resume, when you can say you’re  from Penn Law, it is impressive. It is nothing less than that. I was in New York, I was in an elevator, I was wearing my Penn sweatshirt and I had a gentleman welcome me to the club because of the fact I went to the University of Pennsylvania. But when I told him I went to law school, he turned out to be a graduate. I can’t remember what year and he said, “now, definitely welcome to the club!” It didn’t matter that I was an LLM, he accepted me just like he would any other JD or any other alum. And it was only then that actually I did realize what an achievement it was to come here, and what an achievement it is for anyone to come here. Because, you will be Ivy for the rest of your life. I feel that, now that I have graduated, I am almost part of a family. And it’s a great feeling.

Transcript edited for length.