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Welcome Class of 2016!

August 28, 2013

Welcome 1Ls!  We look forward to working with you.

Welcome 1Ls!  We look forward to working with you.

Please note that according to the NALP guidelines, which apply to all law schools, CP&P can begin working with 1L students on October 15; first-year law students should not initiate contact with employers until December 1. The full text of the applicable provision is below for your reference. 

We look forward to seeing 1Ls at Professionalism Day on September 23 and at the CP&P 1L Orientation/Summer Exploration Fair on October 7 - details about both of those events will be provided shortly.

D. Summer Employment Provisions for First Year Students

  1. To position law students to be as successful as possible, their efforts during the first semester of law school should focus on their studies rather than on job search activities.  Nonetheless, opportunities to learn about professionalism, professional development and the legal profession are appropriate early in law school.  Recognizing that law schools will differ in philosophy as to first-year career development activities, law schools nevertheless should not begin offering one-on-one career counseling or application document reviews to first-year students before October 15 (except in the case of part-time students who may be given assistance in seeking positions during the school term).  Individual law schools may set later dates as appropriate.  
  2. Prospective employers and first year law students should not initiate contact with one another and employers should not interview or make offers to first year students before December 1. 
  3. All offers to first year students for summer employment should remain open for at least two weeks after the date made.