#191 Using the Appointment Scheduler in Canvas

August 01, 2013

In Canvas, you can use the Appointment Scheduler within your Calendar to setup appointment times. Students can see and sign up for these appointment times on their own Calendar. Here is how to use the Appointment Scheduler:


1. Click the Calendar link in the Global Navigation.

2. Click the Scheduler button located above the Calendar.

3. Click the Create an Appointment Group button. This will open the Edit Appointment Group menu where you can edit the details of your appointment.


    • Type the name of the appointment in the Name field.
    • Type the location of the appointment in the Location field.
    • Set the date of the appointment by typing in the Date field or clicking the Calendar Icon.
    • Set the time range for the appointment by typing in the Time Range field.
    • Split the appointment into multiple time slots by selecting the length of the appointment slot in the slot field and click Split.
    • Click the Calendar button to select which calendar you want to save this appointment to and click Done.
    • There are additional settings that you can configure under the Options heading. These settings include limiting the number of users per time slot, allowing students to see who is signed up for each time slot, limiting the number of appointments each student can attend, requiring the students to sign up in groups, and the appointment details.

4. Click the Save & Publish button to create the appointment. If you only want to Save the appointment and not publish it, click the Save button instead.


For more information on the Canvas Calendar, visit these Canvas Guides.

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