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#178 Time Saving Web Tricks

June 11, 2013

Here are a few tricks that work across multiple browsers that can help you navigate the Internet more quickly and efficiently.


  • Scroll up and down websites without your mouse

Press Spacebar to scroll down one page.  Likewise, you can press Shift+Spacebar to go up one page.


  • Switch between fields in web forms without a mouse

Press Tab to move the cursor to the next field in a form.  You can also move backwards by pressing Shift+Tab.  For drop-down menus containing states or countries to select, type the first letter of the choice you wish to make. For example, to choose Texas from a drop-down state selection menu in a form, type “T” twice


  • Highlight words quickly

You can highlight an entirely by simply double-clicking on the word.  You can also double-click and drag to highlight sections by word increments instead of by character.


These tips and more are discussed in greater detail in this short TED talk by David Pogue.


Combine these tips with our previous tips on browsing shortcutszooming in and out of pages, and switching between tabs to navigate the Internet like a pro.

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