#159 Excel Functions Simplified

April 01, 2013
Locating and properly using the right formula in Excel can sometimes be a challenge. Learn how to use the “Insert Function” feature to simplify the task.


1. Click on the “fx” button on the formula bar.


2. Using the textbox or category list, search for a function. Searching will provide a list of functions below. Click on a function to see a brief description. For more information on a specific function, click on the “Help on this function” link in the bottom left corner. 

3. After locating the desired function, click on the “OK” button. For this example, we have selected the “Median” function.


4. The “Function Arguments” window will appear. Arguments may be references to cells, text or numbers. Choose your arguments and click the “OK” button. For this example, we have selected cells C2:C7.

Click Cancel if you want to return to the worksheet without entering a function.


5. After hitting “OK” the function will be applied to the worksheet.

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