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Geneva Campbell L’13 on the strategic advantage in obtaining her JD/MBE

February 22, 2013

Geneva Campbell L’13 talks about how her decision to obtain a JD/MBE has enabled her to be versed in the fields of the law, health, and bioethics, allowing her to pursue a career in health law, or health and medical ethics policy.




My name is Geneva Campbell and I’m a third-year law student in the class of 2013.

I graduated from the Masters of Bioethics program last year, and so, during my 2L year, I pretty much spent half my time taking classes at the Medical school.

There was actually more overlap than I expected when I applied for the program, because a lot of the regulations for the medical field are either passed by lawyers or managed by lawyers. So, I was able to see how doctors and nurses, and people in the healthcare field, feel about these laws and execute them practically. 

Here (at the Law School), I studied the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in terms of whether it would work in theory or if the laws would gel with the current regulations, and how the Affordable Care Act will affect doctors, and nurses, and patients. I actually got to be a mediator for some doctors and nurses thinking about some of these issues that are going to come about with the ACA.

I do think it complemented my law degree because it helped me do a better job mediating and negotiating, do a better job thinking about the practical impact of the law, and also just improve my network.

That’s the great thing about Penn Law - I never felt like I had to fit into a certain path that I didn’t want to be on. Penn Law is a great place where you can make your way and make your own decisions. And whatever you decide, the School will be here for you, Career Planning and Professionalism (CP&P) will be here for you as a resource. So, I never felt like I didn’t have an army of people behind me that are willing to stand by me and support me. 

Transcript edited for length.