#146 What’s New in IE 9: Notification Bar

January 31, 2013

Internet Explorer 9 displays notifications that require action at the bottom of your screen called the Notification Bar.

From Microsoft’s Notification Bar FAQ:

“The Notification bar is a gold and white bar at the bottom of a webpage where Internet Explorer displays information about the status of your browser, a webpage, or a download. It usually provides you with one or more actions you can take, such as Open or Save, and then disappears if you navigate away from a webpage. 

If the notification is about a pending download that requires action, the bar will briefly flash, and then turn solid gold. For less-severe notifications that don’t involve your privacy or security, the bar will disappear on its own after several seconds.”


Note: Keep an eye out for this as websites may not display correctly if you ignore the prompt.



Frequently asked Questions 

Please visit Microsoft’s Notification Bar FAQ for answers to questions such as:

  • Can I ignore Notifcations?
  • Can I turn off the Notification Bar?
  • Why does the Notification bar keep telling me to speed up browsing?


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