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#7 Pickup Printouts from any of 7 Locations

December 20, 2010

Tired of waiting in line for a printer? Penn Law provides 10 printers in 7 locations throughout Tanenbaum, Gittis, and Silverman Hall for Faculty, Staff, and Students. Documents can be printed wirelessly from personal laptops or any Law School lab computer. When you print a document to law-lab, it becomes accessible with your Penn Card at any of these locations.

When the T222 computer lab printers are busy, try picking up your printouts at the Biddle Reserve Reading Room around the corner or the 3rd floor Tanenbaum printer at the top of the stairs.

Please visit the Student Printing Overview to learn how to add the queue to your personal laptop or the Faculty & Staff Guide to learn how to add the queue to your office computer. If a printer malfunction disrupts your print job and you need a refund, please visit our Request Print Credit form.

Print jobs sent wirelessly from personal laptops or any law school computer can be picked up at any of the locations below.

  • Biddle Reserve Reading Room (2nd floor)
  • Tanenbaum 1st floor, outside T145
  • Tanenbaum 222 computer lab - 4 stations
  • Tanenbaum 3rd floor (at top of stairs)
  • Tanenbaum 5th floor computer lab
  • Gittis 1st floor
  • Silverman Ground computer lab (SG49)

Additional Printing Information is available at the following resources:

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