#11 Protect your New Computer with Free Antivirus Software from Penn

January 03, 2011
Get a new computer this holiday? Concerned about keeping the ones you already have safe? An important step in protecting any computer is installing a secure antivirus software package. Instead of using the trial version that came with your computer, learn how to download and install the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection or Norton Antivirus for free.
Symantec Endpoint Protection and Norton Antivirus are provided for free by the University of Pennsylvania for all active students, faculty, and staff with a PennKey. To get started, visit the link below that corresponds to your computer’s operating system. If you do not have a PennKey or have forgotten your password, please contact itshelp@law.upenn.edu to request a setup code.
Antivirus software is just one component of a well-protected computer. You should also be running firewall software and keeping your computer’s operating system updated. All security information is available on the Security Overview page.


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