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#14 Setup or Troubleshoot AirPennNet using the AirPennNet-Help Network

January 10, 2011

Are you new to campus this semester? Tired of struggling to fix wireless problems on campus? Penn has rolled out a new wireless network to streamline connecting to AirPennNet. Its easy! Just connect to the AirPennNet-Help network on a compatible device to get started.

AirPennNet-help is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS 10.4-10.6, iOS, Android, and Ubuntu.
  1. Connect your certified laptop to the AirPennNet-Help wireless network. (See below if you have never certified your laptop)
  2. Open your web browser and attempt to load any web page.
  3. Follow the prompts. When complete, your laptop will be automatically connected to AirPennNet.
Prior to connecting to AirPennNet, all laptops should be certified. Certification involves installing current AntiVirus software, ensuring your system software is up to date, and verifying that security settings are configured properly. Laptop Certification instructions are available below.

Encountering problems with the new network? Please let us know! Please report areas with poor WiFi reception or if you have difficulty difficulty connecting to

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