#15 Keep Your Most Frequently Used Folders Accessible with Favorite Folders

January 13, 2011

Organizing your email can be a challenging task. Over time, the number of folders you keep track of can grow quickly and it can become difficult to find the ones you use most often. Start using Favorite Folders in Outlook to keep your most used folders visible at all times.

Favorite Folders stay pinned to the top of the Navigation Pane in Outlook when in the Mail view. You can customize this list and the order in which folders appear. Favorite Folders will remain visible for easy access, even if you collapse the Navigation Pane. Favorite Folders are ideal for Search Folders since they typically appear at the bottom of your folder listing.
To create a favorite folder, drag any folder to where you want it to appear on the list.
To remove a favorite folder, right-click on a folder and click Remove from Favorite Folders.
Warning: Do not delete a favorite folder. Doing so will delete the actual folder and all emails within.
Learn more about how to Take Advantage of Favorite Folders. 


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