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#16 Security Alert! Avoid Clicking Links that You Do Not Trust

January 14, 2011

Microsoft has issued a warning for all users of Internet Explorer. A serious vulnerability can be used to allow malicious code to be run on your computer. You should take extra care to avoid clicking on links that you do not trust as the exploit only requires you to visit a malicious site to run. As always, you should only click on links in emails from people that you know and only if you are expecting the material being sent to you.

The security measures currently in place at the Law School currently protect your system from being fully compromised or being compromised because of someone else’s actions. If your system is compromised, any data you have access to is vulnerable. Microsoft is working on a patch which we will deliver once available. If you have not read Tip #9 Protect Yourself Against Phishing Attacks, we recommend you take a minute to review the six helpful tips on identifying malicious emails and links.
If you have any questions or concerns about your computer’s security, please contact ITS at

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