#23 Add Frequently Used Commands to the Quick Access Toolbar

February 04, 2011

While the Office 2007 ribbon made many items easier to access, some commands were moved to less convenient locations. If you’re tired of switching tabs to find frequently used items, you can customize the Quick Access Toolbar to keep them visible at all times.

The Quick Access Toolbar is the toolbar that appears above the ribbon in all of your Office applications. The toolbar is easy to customize!

  • To add a new command:  Right-click any item on the ribbon you would like to add and choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
  • To remove a command:  Right-click an item on the toolbar and choose Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

Keyboard Shortcut: You can access any item on the toolbar by pressing the Alt key  then selecting the number that corresponds to your command. For example, pressing Alt+1  will select the first item on the toolbar.

Here are a few suggestions for you to add to the Quick Access Toolbar:

  • From the Insert tab: Picture
  • From the References tab: Insert Footnote
  • From the Review tab: New Comment and Track Changes

For more information on the Quick Access Toolbar, visit the links below:

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