#26 Classroom Recordings are Automatic! Control Your Recordings through the Course Portal

February 14, 2011

Did you know that our classroom recording system is automatic? When you select Audio or Video Recording in Course Portal you are directly scheduling our recording server to record your session. Recordings automatically begin and end at the exact start and end times of your room booking. ITS reviews every recording for quality assurance and crops the clips to line up with the exact moments when the class begins and ends.

Log into the Course Portal to perform any of the following actions:
  • To schedule or modify a recording: choose Media Requestsnext to your class of interest.
  • To publish or make a recording privatechoose Recordings next to your class of interest and click the Publish File or Make Private button next to a specific session.
  • To send a private recording: choose Recordings next to your class of interest and click the Send Email button next to a specific session.
  • To receive notifications when recordings are postedchoose Recordings next to your class of interest and set your Media Notification preference.


Systems Availability

  • Our online services may not be available during these maintenance periods.

    Fridays: 5pm-midnight
    2nd & 4th Tuesdays: 5pm-7pm

    Tuesdays: 5am-7am
    Thursdays: 5pm-7pm


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