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#29 Calendaring Part II: Schedule with Faculty using Faculty Calendar Invitations

February 23, 2011

Did you know that Faculty have set custom preferences for how they receive calendar invitations? This past Fall, ITS developed an invitation system that will automatically format calendar invitations according to each Faculty members’ preference. Learn how to use the new system directly within Outlook.

To send invitations that respect the Faculty preferences:

  • In Outlook, click the File menu, point to New, select Meeting Request, and schedule your meeting as usual.
  • When entering addresses into the To: field, add +cal right before the @ sign. For example, to send to an invitation to theseminarfac alias, use
  • To disable responses, click the Responses button in the Attendees group, and deselectRequest Responses.
  • Click Send.

For Faculty: To change your preference, visit the Law Directory and click To update your information click here.

Check back for our next tip to learn how to view any of Penn Law’s public calendars directly within Outlook.

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