#46 Use Advanced Find to Make Outlook Searches More Specific

April 08, 2011

Having trouble finding an old email or note? You know its there, but you just cant seem to track it down. Sometimes the standard search bar that you use so frequently in Outlook is not powerful or specific enough to hunt out that crucial item you are looking for. Have no fear! The Advanced Find functionality within outlook can aid you in your search.

Open Advanced Find in Outlook:

  • From the Tools  menu point to Instant Search  and chooseAdvanced Find.

Keyboard Shortcut: Press Ctrl+Shift+F

Here, you can choose where in an email you would like to search (Subject, Body, etc…), who the email was from, who the email was sent to, as well as many other custom search options. You can even specify what type of object you are searching for in the Look For field.

Going Deeper:

  • More Choices Tab: includes more search options such as importance level, number of attachments, or flagged items.
  • Advanced Tab: allows you to search using Partial Strings. Partial Strings will include items that are “like” what you search for.

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