#51 Use Outlook Invitations to Keep Your Colleagues Up to Date on Your Time Off

April 22, 2011
Planning some time off? We all need a break every now and then, but there is no need for your department to be caught unaware. There are some useful ways to keep your coworkers in the loop about your time away from the office. Here are a few suggestions about how to send out a Personal Time Off (PTO) notice to your coworkers.
  1. Create an all-day event in your Outlook Calendar titled [Your Name] PTO.
  2. Click Invite Attendees  and Invite your coworkers.
  3. Turn off request responses, so you don’t bog down your inbox.


  1. Set your free/busy status to Free  so your colleagues’ availabilities remain unchanged. 


And there you have it! You’ve now given everyone notice, and can enjoy your time off!

Additional Tip:  If you are going to be out for multiple days, use an appointment that spans multiple days instead of creating multiple one-day events.

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