#53 Getting your Point Across: Share Your Screen with Communicator

April 29, 2011

For certain problems, trying to convey details through emails or phone calls can sometimes prove to be frustrating and ineffective. In situations like these the Share Desktop functionality of Microsoft communicator can be a valuable tool for demonstrating concepts and ideas from your own computer. Use Share Desktop to help a coworker, collaborate on a document, or even get help from ITS.

To Share Desktop with a user through Communicator:

  • In your Contact List, double-click on the name of the colleague you would like to share your desktop with.
  • Click the Share Desktop icon at the top of the chat window.

Take your Share Desktop session a step further by sharing control of your screen. Once you’ve shared control with someone, they are able to control the keyboard and mouse on your computer.

To share control of your desktop:

  • Click the In Control box at the top of your screen.
  • Click the user that you wish to share control with.

You have now shared control with the person you are chatting with, and they can perform whatever steps on your machine so that you can view the process firsthand!

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