#55 Use Show Desktop to Quickly Hide and Reopen Windows

May 05, 2011

Tired of minimizing all your open windows just to find an icon on your desktop? Minimizing your windows one by one takes a long time and it can be a hassle to rearrange things once you’re done. Use Show Desktop to quickly access your Desktop then get back to work.

Windows XP

In Windows XP, click the Show Desktop button, shown below, from your Quick Launch toolbar.

Windows 7

In Windows 7, the bottom-right corner of your screen is dedicated to showing your desktop. You can hover over this button for a preview of your desktop, or click it to minimize all open windows.

Using the Keyboard

Save even more time by holding down the Windows key then pressing the D key at the same time. The Windows key is located on bottom row of your keyboard. This shortcut works on both Windows XP and Windows 7!

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