#73 Follow and Systems Availability Alerts on Twitter and Facebook

August 04, 2011

Did you know that ITS posts systems availability alerts to Twitter? Starting this week, we will also be posting all future ITS Tips to both Twitter and Facebook. Learn where you can follow ITS and how to get SMS alerts when there is a change in system availability. Those of you who like seeing ITS Tips in your inbox have nothing to worry about. We will continue posting them to Penn Law Notices as well.

Follow or like ITS with the accounts below.

Twitter (for systems availability alerts only)@pennlawitsalert

Bonus Tip: SMS Alerts

If you connect Twitter to your mobile phone, you can even get text alerts whenever someone sends out a new tweet. Try it out for our systems availability alerts.

  1. Visit @pennlawitsalert
  2. Click Follow (if you haven’t already)
  3. Click the mobile phone icon (see below).

That’s it! If you have not connected your cell phone to Twitter, follow the on screen instructions to do so.

Not Just ITS

You can also follow Penn Law at the following accounts.


Need an Account?

To join either service, just visit http://www.twitter.com or http://www.facebook.com to create an account, then click the links above to follow or like us.

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