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#90 Quickly Access Old Versions of a File with SharePoint

November 29, 2011

Have you ever saved multiple versions of a file, worried that you’re going to make an accidental change and lose valuable work? With SharePoint, you no longer need to litter your folders with many versions of the same file. SharePoint automatically saves a version of your file every time you click Save for easy access. Learn how you can make folders filled with filenames named mydoc1.docx, mydoc2.docx, mydoc3_newestversion.docx a thing of the past.

Access the version history of any file uploaded to SharePoint in 3 easy steps. If you’ve already been editing documents on SharePoint, you can try this out on your existing files.

  1. Hover over your file with the mouse.
  2. Click the arrow that appears.
  3. Click Version History.


For more help, visit our SharePoint Documents Overview or our eBooks and videos at the ITS Library(LawKey required).

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