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Career advancement minute: Setting short-term and long-term career goals

February 08, 2013

Beth McManus L’04, Associate Director for Professional Development, highlights how developing a vision and setting career goals can ultimately assist in attaining a dream position. 


Setting both short and long term career goals is a great way to start along your path for professional development. The short terms goals being things you hope to achieve over the next couple of years, maybe even the next couple months, and the long term goals, maybe the dream job, maybe five, ten, fifteen years from now - whatever the timeline is.

The perfect first step for setting goals is self-assessment. Where are you strong; where are you weak; where do you need to work a little bit harder to get better at something that is going to be a key skill and setting short term goals being the milestone of perfecting the thing that you know you have to be good at for the long term goal.

Career success is an evolution, it’s not always a straight line and career goals can shift and change over time. But there are many paths to success and goal setting along the way can help keep you on track for the thing that is ultimately your dream position. 

Transcript edited for length